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Failed Deliveries - Our Policy On Re-Shipments

As a small e-commerce business, we truly value the patronage of our customers and strive to ensure a seamless shopping experience.

For us to do so it's essential that we are provided with accurate delivery information to facilitate the successful and prompt delivery of your order.

From time to time we are provided with delivery information that is incomplete, incorrect or out of date, resulting in failed deliveries. 

Typical examples of the causes of failed deliveries:

  • Missing the house number
  • Missing the street name
  • Missing the apartment number
  • Providing an old address that the customer no longer resides / works at
  • Sending to a business address where no business name is stated on order
  • Sending to an office building where no business name is indicated on order
  • Mail sent to address after redirection subscription has ended
  • Waiting too long to collect packages from the collection point
  • Waiting too long to reschedule delivery online
  • Sending to an Amazon collection point when it's not an Amazon order

Our legal obligation is to make a reasonable attempt to deliver the package to the address provided by the customer. Accordingly we use reputable delivery companies and employ trackable methods of shipping.

This allows both parties to track the progress of the delivery and verify our efforts to fulfill our legal responsibility to attempt delivery to the address provided.

It's important to stress that, legally, we have no obligation to reship orders that have been placed using inaccurate addresses, or sent back due to customers not collecting in time or rescheduling delivery. 

To that end we want to clarify our position regarding reshipments in this eventuality: 

  • Returned goods are sent back to the company that handles production / shipping on our behalf in that local market. 
  • They have no facilities to manage returns
  • They do not provide the service of reshipping returned packages. 
  • Returned goods are donated to charity.

Please remember that it's solely the responsibility of the customer to ensure that correct and complete information is provided at the point of checkout. 

We cannot be held responsible for resultant failed deliveries. In such cases, we kindly request your understanding that we neither offer reshipments or refunds, either in part or in full.

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