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Sales Promotions Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Sales Promotion

  1. Eligibility: This promotion is open to all customers who shop on our website while the offer lasts.

  2. Promotion Period: The promotional offers are available for a limited time and may expire or change at our discretion without prior notice to customers.

  3. Promotion Details: Promotional offers may include discounts, special pricing, or other incentives which are only valid during the promotion period or until stocks last.

  4. Changes and Cancellation: We reserve the right to modify, replace, or cancel any promotions at any time and without notice. Changes may include altering the terms or conditions of the promotion, replacing the promotion with another offer, or ending the promotion entirely.

  5. Non-Overlap of Promotions: Promotions cannot be combined or overlapped with other promotional offers unless expressly stated otherwise.

  6. No Retrospective Application: Promotions cannot be applied retrospectively under any circumstances. Orders placed prior to the start of a promotion are not eligible for any promotional rates or adjustments.

  7. Order Fulfillment: If a promotion starts after your order has been placed but before it has been fulfilled, we will not apply any promotional rates or adjustments to such orders.

  8. Availability: All promotional items are subject to availability, and we cannot guarantee the availability of an item during the promotion period.

  9. Other Conditions: Additional terms and conditions may apply to specific promotions and will be specified at the time of the promotion.

By participating in any promotion, you agree to be bound by these terms as well as any additional terms applicable to the specific promotion.

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