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Our Zero Waste Commitment

The fashion industry is absolutely terrible at judging supply and demand.

Fashion has long been one of the most wasteful of industries.

Too much product gets manufactured due to the popular fashion adage "Better to have too much than too little" - i.e. if a garment proves to be really popular during a season, you don't want to sell out early and miss the extra demand.  

Often, when they get demand wrong and warehouses are stacked full of products which haven't sold, they'd rather destroy the overstocks and send it to landfill. Millions of garments each year for this reason alone.

This is done to maintain the image that a particular brand is consistently in demand, rather than sell it off at a discount, which looks bad in the store.

Premium brands, particularly Burberry, are notorious for doing this.

Then you have customer returns and exchanges. 

In the age of e-commerce where brands have online stores selling products customers cannot try on for size first, you inevitably get garments that need to be sent back and swapped over.

This process is expensive for the brands to manage. Products that come back need to be checked over for signs of wear, or damages, then prepared to be resold online, distributed to a physical store or processed to be written off and destroyed.

This process can be very time consuming, requiring large teams of people to be employed just to process returns.

Often they take the approach that it's easier to just send it all to landfill, no matter what the condition, leading to more waste.

Our approach

We operate a Print-On-Demand basis, meaning we produce everything to order once it's been sold.

We eliminate overstocks completely by doing this. We actually don't have anything pre-produced for this reason.

To minimise the need for exchanges in the first place we show the exact measurements of our garments, placed very clearly on each product page. Measurements that are accurate to the nearest mm.

We encourage customers to check what our sizes are before buying, which greatly reduces the chances of getting it wrong from the start.

When garments do come back, we perform thorough quality checks. Items that meet our standards are greatly reduced in price and sold off during sale periods (at an ultimately loss making price point for us). 

Returns which are not 100% perfect in condition, such as they may show signs they have been worn, we first send those to the laundry to be cleaned, then send them to one of the organisations in our charity donations program, such as Barcelona homeless charity Arrels Foundation    

With us nothing gets wasted, everything finds a use - Our Zero Waste Commitment - Just as it should be.





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